Countdown 'Til Shutdown

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Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to be entertained?

BET Award is coming in seven days and Sweet Beysus is currently teaming up with Ursh, Gremlin. Boom Kat is supposed to make an appearance. Not on stage... No she's not doing the choreography. Rumor has it that she's gon' be there toting a barstool around until she finds Puff The Magic Dream KILLER. What's the barstool for? She's gonna chunk that mug at his dome, duh!

But you didn't hear that from me.

Don't expect Tee-Tee to bring Kizzy and Millie on-stage this year. They will be in the audience...serving refreshments like always. This will be back to normal. But I ain't gon' say she won't bring "somebody's momma" on stage. I haven't decided what I may do if she performs "I Decided"...I'm stuck between hitting her messed up foot with a barbed-wire 2 x 4 or hitting her messed up foot with a garbage full of my Granny's lacefront wigs.

I'll let y'all decide.

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