Step Daddy?

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Word done got out that my momma went on a date with Ludacris. Bitch, you done made me mad. No I didn't just call my momma a bitch. I'm talking to Ludacris. How you gon' come through and scoop up my momma... You know I'm tryna holla at Karma.

I may not approve of the relationship but I ain't gon' do my momma like that. I mean, finally we can get her hitched to a real breadwinner.

Luda, I'm gonna need you to fill out this questionnaire and get it back to me by Friday. Friday, 12:00 midnight. Not 12:01. Not 12:00:01. Twelve on that dot.

1. Have you ever contracted a venereal disease?

2. Has Superhead ever put your business in the street?

3. You ever did a song with 5Ton4Head?

4. What is Karma's cell phone number?

5. If Train A leaves Memphis at 5:00 AM going at 230 MPH and Train B leaves from Boston at 6:40 AM going at 180 MPH, what time does Karma get home from school?

6. Where my Daddy at?

7. If I pull up in a million trucks and I was looking, smelling and/or feeling like a million bucks, would you hate on me?

8. You ever caught cooties as a kid?

9. If yes, how did you get rid of it?

10. Yes or no... Did Chingy call you a la Young Buck begging for his contract back?

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