Where Props Are Due

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Readers looka here... every now and then you gotta reach behind the TV, yank off that extension cord and beat your kids' asses silly...

First off, I'm giving props to this white lady with no damn sense. Let me clarify that I'm not celebrating her laying back and taking it up the ass with no Vaseline. I'm just giving her props for being bettter than me and keeping her cool. I mean, we [the whole world] would have completely understood if you dropkicked him in the chest. But you stayed calm and didn't show your ugly side to the world. And I'm just giving you props because for sitting there and just taking a lick from your own son proves to me that way you're better than me. I would've went Steve Wilkos on his little fat ass. I don't condone talking 'bout other folks children but this little Cartman-worshiper I will glady put on blast.

-If I ever tell my Momma to shut up, I would get hit so hard I wouldn't be able to recite the alphabet nor spell my own name for a good five years.

-If I ever told my Momma I had an opinion while under 18, she would've played Grit Ball with my face. A minor with an opinion... nigra if you can't vote your opinion does matter nor should it be even uttered.

-If I ever jump up at my Momma or approach her with sudden movements she gone start shooting. Point blank.

-If I ever hit my Momma... perish the thought.

So... there you have it... this white lady is a good one because five-oh would've hauled me off under the jail for what I would've did to his thick-in-the-face and all-over-the-place ass.


I also would like to give props to HOTSAUCE because a whole 'lotta blogs were reporting this and I couldn't even bring myself to watch it until I read the post on it @ THAT'SNOTHOTT.

And the title? Pass me a bag of belts had me dying laughing.

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