Sound Byte: Chris Brown - A Milli

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I am so sick of "A Milli"...

Wayne... Much love to ya, bruh. I got nothing against you. Next time we rolling dice, though... don't get mad when I take your money. A'ight, homie?

But, y'now... I been ignoring the onslaught of bullshit. I been tip-toeing around certain posts on my favorite blogs. I been being polite. I even listened to a few versions of the song. The nerve of Pretty Chrissy to make his own A Milli?

I told the cyber-homie BRELAXEDHOMIE that the next somebody to make a new version of A Milli, I was gone shank 'em where the sun don't got no business shining. Chrissy... watch ya back, homie... 5TON4HEAD may be breaking dishes upside your dome, but I'm finna break my foot off in your ass.

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