Sound Byte - Ne-Yo "A MillI"

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A whole 'nother "A Milli" has surfaced. Who did it this time? Ne-Yo... of all people. I'm ready to ride through a few 'hoods with the windows down and the lights off around 11:30PM, accompanied by Latarian "Big Ton" Milton. Get my drift? Only way I cosign with this is it's a shot at Pretty Chrissy which I'm always down for. I hate that dude like Jim Jones hate soap and water.

Weezyana done opened up a can of worms so big my Granny's voodoo game can't even stop it. And believe me we tried... A Milli is getting bigger than my Tee-Tee. We can't let that shit happen. The stans need to unite and put that mess to an end before Tee-Tee hit up the Festival of Coons 2k8. She's been practicing her deer in headlights looks and everything. If Weezyana take the stage and close the set with "A Milli" it may be too late. Of 'course if he close it with "Lollipop" I won't be mad. I'ma just bring Zahara on stage so they can make it rain on her like that lil' girl from that YouTube clip that I'm too lazy to search.


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