Blacklisted: Chris Brown

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Chris. Chris. Chris.

At first we was friends. We wasn't THAT cool but you was on my good side. I ain't never had to smack you into next Tuesday or nothing. You was cool with my peoples too. Jay talked me into doing a track with you on my upcoming debut album "Pimping Ain't Easy". I was gone do it, too.

But then I saw this

How you gone disrespect my family like that, bruh? You know we boycotting 5Ton-4Head. You know this. What you think I took a bat to her limo at the Grammy's for nothing. Do you know we had that place LOCKED DOWN? Do you know I got a crew consisting of Brooklyn Beckham and my main squeez Zahara Jolie-Pitt? Do you know that she don't play that shit? Do you? Do you? She was your biggest fan! She got a sippy cup with your pic on it. She didn't even believe the rumors about you and your manager. She was ready to cut a bitch, though. Took the barrattes out her head and everything, just ready to fight. But I digress.

Now, I'm not the type to shank folks all willy-nilly, but I got my eye on you. Consider your next single to be a Billboard flop. My grandaddy will make sure of it!

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