Full Clip: Mariah Carey "Touch My Body"

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Can't call it fuckery, but can't call it great neither.

First of all, I wanna go on record saying this:


Secondly.... the video is sorta extra for a thug like me. I mean... damn MiMi why you throwing nerds in yo' video. You couldn't let JD and 'nem get another cameo. I know Da Brat ain't too busy. I know the Celebrity Fit Club cash has been spent up! (Do they even pay folks on that show? How would I know... I ain't fat.)

But I digress.

I had to full clip this because people is barking about this track and yadda yadda blah blah so and so forth. WHY? I want answers. The lyrics ain't nowhere near some stuff my momma woulda wrote. I mean damn, Mariah... You gave Wendy a shoutout. That's cool and all but YouTube? Why you gone give them free publicity. You need to get on your spokesmodel tip, quick fast and in a hurry.

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