Momma, Just Stop!!!

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I have to just be a good person and let somebody know when they making a complete fool of they self. Now I may not be the right person to tell somebody ANYTHING without sounding like a hypocrite, but I think it's fair to say this:



What the fuck mom? HadleyStreetDreams? I ain't even gone go there withchu because I know you my ride to the playground every weekend but let's not bring up Solo Star. I know it was before my time and all but 90,000 copies? Let's get serious. Unless you gone drop and give the Billboard charts people 50 just stop.

But if you are to go through with this new project riddle me this: who gone be there to feed me? Millie? Millie forgot to feed me last night, Momma. The Spaghetti-Os is still in the microwave. THEY STILL THE MICROWAVE! I CAN'T REACH THE MICROWAVE!

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