Busted Status 100%

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Look at Shaq's new bust it baby...

[flick provided by WHATSPOPPIN / i copped 'em at NECOLEBITCHIE]

Some chick named Jerzee Monet (according to my ex-Bust It Baby FRESH)... I asked my big cuz Angie who the fluck who is she and she told me Jerzee peaked before my time. Either that or she fell off the charts faster than an Amerie single. CHEAP SHOT!

Chick is busted.

Anyways... Time to hustle.

Jerzee, my granny wants to know if we can interest you in a top-of-the-line, faux conflict free yaki lacefront (for the females ballin' on a budget). Don't worry about the costs. You can put it on layaway or open a free Wamu checking account and deposit every paycheck you get until you can afford one. I'm sure TGIFridays pays their bus-boys and bus-girls well.

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