Full Clip: Teyana Taylor "Google Me, Baby"

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Grade A Fuckery presented by Luvel Ice Cream & Jolly Ranchers

So I know this ain't that thugness that I usually hit y'all with. A thug has Good Friday off and I'ma hit up Daytona Beach for BET brings it's trifling ass down there with that Spring Bling shit.

But I digress.

Teyana Taylor... what can I say 'bout shawty right here. Folks is jocking her holla'n 'bout she ain't no Lil' Mama. I find that to be a good thing. I mean, who wants to be the reincarnation of Moses? No I'm sorry... she is Moses (check that birth certificate again, Niatia). Teyana has a helluva strong jaw but at least she ain't all leathery in the face > Lil' Mama. Still waiting for her to smile with her eyes though. She looked like she was finna take a nap mid-video. And why did Pharrell get substituted by Omarion. I mean damn... the video already had more colors then a bag a Skittles and you wanna go and throw in Bow Wow's bottom boy in the video.

[Weeds reference]That nigga is gayer than a purse full of rainbows. [/Weeds reference]

The song is still hot though. I rather run 'round shouting Google Me Baby then I would run 'round shouting "It's popping", "[insert lyric from G-Slide (I don't know that shit), or "Spit it like mucous gotta get rid of it".

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