I Will Not Go Down Like Rick Ross

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Open letter from your boy Iceberg Juelz to Beyonceitis ('cause I'm not through with that ass):

Oh so you wanna go and lie on the boy? Okay... be like that... I'ma come to yo' house and kick in the front doe then I'ma run around to the back doe and kick that one in just because I fucking feel like it. I'ma pull the faucet off the kitchen sink and bust every last window on the motherfucking premises. I'ma turn on every working faucet and leave 'em running until your house is flooding. How you like water damage? HOW YOU LIKE WATER DAMAGE!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I'ma call my cousin Fuqemhous Knowles and my cousin (through marriage) Clitoria Carter and they some fucking beasts. They'll Hulk out on yo' whole squad. You gon' be wishing you woulda made some friends that was my enemies... instead of making enemies with my enemies... it probably don't make no sense now but when we beating the breaks off you then you'll finally understand what the fuck I meant.

I'ma send Kizzy to yo' house in an ice cream truck with Miss Kelly playing over the megaphones. How you like that? HOW YOU LIKE COMEBACK? HUH? HUH? COMEBACK? THAT HUBBA-BUBBA? YOU LIKE THAT SHIT? OF COURSE NOT! WHAT SANE PERSON DOES?

Watch ya back... if I didn't have a criminal record before... I'ma damn sho' have one now!

...The Lil' Creole Pimp Formerly Known As Baby Daniel

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