Weekend Blues

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I'm pretty sure y'all done heard all the bad news. Bernie and Isaac are in the Upper Room acting a fool together right now. Even though they done gone to glory and doing it big with Jesus, we down here mourning the loss. 'Specially my Granny... Here we go, at the house... chillaxin... snacking on Chitlin Pop Pie like the run-of-the-mill Creolians we are... and BAM! Bernie Mac has died, y'all. Granny 'bout lost her mind. I'm pretty sure her wig was the first thing to fly across the room followed by coffee mugs, picture frames, couch cusions, Kizzy, my Baby Jamz boom box... And by time we sat her down and got her reorientated... BAM! Isaac Hayes gone too. By now she was just plumb-tuckered out... so she took the wig off, squeezed all the sweat out of it, and just said, "Fuck it! Take me too, Lord."

We spent about an hour tryna stop her from jump into a bot of boiling fish grease but that's another story....

Rest In Paradise, Isaac Hayes.

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