Mess You Don't Do Around A Knowles

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The other day I was over Fresh's house while my momma "used what she GOT to get what she wants". And Fresh's company was NOT nice to me. They kept on saying shit like "Why you so red?" and "Yo' Tee-Tee knees look like a moldly loaf of Wonder Bread" and "Don't make me take off my belt!"

Some people!

They must not know I kept that heavy metal like Aerosmith... So I gotta put y'all up on some game once again


1. Never eat some Popeyes and refuse to share.

2. Don't say nothing like, "Kizzy is part of the family."

3.Never praise Ashanti's latest dance move [varation of her world famour hair-rub, hip tap].

4. Never take Pop-Pop's name in vain.

5. Don't say nothing like, "Creole is just a fancy word for light skin."

6. Don't say nothing like, "Beyoncé is cool BUT I like _________ better."

7. Don't FUCK with the gumbo!

8. Never refuse to sign the contract. We [me and Millie] will drape you over the ledge of a 56th floor. window.

9. Never try to sing lead.

10. Never tell Uncle Joe he too old to participate in family festivities [backyard volleyball, driveway basketball, neighborhoodrat shit, bringing that Chevy to a real slow creep, collaborating on the latest Miss Kelly re-re-release track (like that's gon' happen), etc.

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