Shit I Failed To Mention

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Readers looka here...

Every now and again, I gotta give EVERYBODY (stans, fans, haters & laffy taffy, pigeon pussy heffas) a crash course in what they call "copy-cats" and "swagger-jackers".

Picture this:

You get in your vehicle, presumably a Chevy Cavalier from the late 90s with a busted taillight and it ALWAYS runs hot, and you drive to your local gas station. You got the munchies like a motherfucker so you commence to buy up the store with your EBT card.

You approach the junk food aisle, potato chips to be exact. What catches your eye?

Lays Sour Cream & Onion or the Golden Flake look-a-like brand.

You buy the Lays Sour Cream & Onion because it's "better' than Golden Flake. I mean, it's Lays. Lays > Golden Flake. That's a given.

You then scurry to the freezer and you get all excited (because you're high as fuck) to see the random assortments of soda pop. What catches your eye the most?

Coca-Cola: The Real Thing or Faygo's Cola look-a-like.

COKE! Duh... it's Coke. And plus it has a name associated with an illicit drug. You're already high. Let's "get high" some mo'!

This little exercise in fuckery has been brought to you by the letters Eff You See Kay & Why Oh You. The analogy I used is about THE LIL' CREOLE PIMP CHRONICLES (oops, I did it again) and BEYONCEITIS' WIG CRYPT.

Wig Crypt came first. Of course it's the favorite. I came second or third or fourth. OF COURSE, I'm the wannabe.

I was sitting on my deluded ass one day (at my desktop of course, because I have no life as my "fanbase" would argue) and thought , "Hey! I should take a "celebrity's" (even though she couldn't even buy fame at the time despite her sister's pockets sitting on F) offspring, give them a persona, a fake moniker that easily associates with them, and use them make general jokes in a blogging enviroment. No of course I wasn't... But if I did that BEFORE the onset of Beyonceitis, no one would have cared. Beyonceitis got popular because people Googled the shit outta Beyonce and Beyonceitis contains the word Beyonce and word of mouth and shit out that nature. My point is it's related to Beyonce. Beyonce has millions of die hard fans, ready to slit their wrists at her command. How many fans does Juelz have, that aren't related to him? Who the hell woulda Googled him at 3:30 AM on a school night?

No, I'm not knocking the Itis in any shape, form or fashion. I'm just proving my longwinded point.

Beyonceitis is Coca-Cola, Lil' Creole Pimp is the generic spinoff. You like Beyonce for these reasons. Compared to Beyonce, Amerie and them are just like Faygo & Big Shot. Coke is a franchise. You buy it because it's good. It touches you on the inside parts. It's "better" than the generic shit that us other folk kinda sorta like to indulge. Beyonce is a franchise, A NAME... her competitors, not so much. So I guess I'm the generic Beyonceitis. Even though we're two different things. Nah, not really. I'm like Solange. As much as I try to run from my family connections peoples always gotta say "she ain't no Beyonce".

Okay, now I forgot my point. Let me re-read this shit, real quick.

*reads the line a crash course in what they call "copy-cats" and "swagger-jackers"*

Oh yeah... We're [Big Shot, Faygo, Golden Flake, Amerie, Solange and this blog] not copycats... we just kinda sorta used examples started by others and tried to be a little different. We don't wanna do what the fast soft drinks, potato chips, girls, and blogs do. They just came before us. They got a rep before we did. Their loyal legion of suicidal, homicidal, asexual fans frown upon us because it shows that they "support" their favorite soft drinks, potato chips, girls, and blogs.

This may've made NO sense. I may have spent a good half-hour talking [typing] outta my ass. I may just be too lazy to Google pics and stories and poke fun at them like respectable bloggers do. If it didn't make any sense and you read this much of it, then you don't make sense; therefore, we have lots in common. Beaucoups of varities of fuckery!

I completely get where you [anti-Creole Pimps] are coming from. I'm Faygo. I'm honored to be Faygo. Drink me up. Drink me down. Squeeze my bottle. Then litter your local highway with my remains. At least you're reading the shit I write, that's what really matters. ;)

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