Speaking My Mind Like My Forehead Got Lips

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Everyday ya boy Dannibal comes across bullshit that'll piss off my whole YAKI'd up (regardless if its on they dome or above they lip), LIGHT SKINNED, DARK SKINNED, ASIAN PERSUASIAN family. And I be tryna keeping my thoughts to myself... up until now... This is a list of shit that pisses me off.

1. Ramen noodles 'bout almost 40 cents nowadays... This may sound crazy to y'all but BACK IN MY DAY, it was just a quarter.... I 'bout almost was FORCED to shoplift it last time I was at Wal-Mart... knowing that  loose change I stole out my momma purse wasn't gon' be enough to pay for one pack... Fuck the recession. Five finger discount this bitch. Snatch and run yo!

2. Whycome toddlers my age can't vote? Oh just 'cuz we eat glue and stuff Play-Do up FOLKS mufflers don't mean we got a voice in this sad ass country? I swear we already got a toddler in office. Why can't toddlers vote?

3. How Trina flashed her cooter every three seconds and successfully distracted the world from noticing that her head is SO DAMN BIG.

4. Why my Momma keep promoting her album and leaving FRESH to babysit me.

5. Ol' MUSTY ass, NASTY ass, FAKIN' ass, HATIN' ass, LYIN' ass bitches... who won't give me no play.

6. Why YOU & YOU and all of the above won't get no jobs.

7. How come when you lose SHIT and go look for it, you can't never find it. But when you don't need it, you magically come across it. But SHIT you wish you could get rid of just KEEPS COMING BACK.

8. Whycome I heard somebody say "Creeping on my CREOLE and getting too close for comfort" and "Something in the SIMILAC ain't too fresh" the other day and did NOT tell their cohort where they got that shit from.

9. Whycome Necole Bitchie ain't replied to my MESSAGE yet.


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