Vote for Fake Baby Daniel in '08

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No I'm not running for President. Although my Pop-Pop was s'pose to run alongside Joe Jackson for the Oval Office, but that's another story.

If you gon' be down for anything, be down for Lil' Creole Pimp winning that BEST FICTIONAL BLOG  category. Take that Fake Janice Combs. Take that! And I'd really love ya, if I get that BEST HUMOR BLOG. I know Fresh got that one sewed up, but I want it. 

You're a bad babysitter, Fresh! I'm raiding the icebox tryna decided if I'ma eat the opened, half-eaten Cup O' Noodles or the Arm & Hammer box (because ain't shit else in the icebox) and you worried about Mya chilling with her FAM.

Nominate ya boy HERE.

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