Lost In Translation

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Ay... Momma, you a punk. You could NOT pay me to apologize for some shit.... Then again, you put up a high price and I may cut you a deal...
I just got done doing the Early Show which went so good. I just wanna tell everyone thank you so much for going out and getting the record. I've been hearing great things and uh... all of that feels amazing for me. The record is doing good by my standards.

What she REALLY meant was...
Um... I just got through sweeping up the backstage area and nobody ran through my area after I finished mopping. YAY! I had enough time to go back to the broom closet and light some 'dro. I wanna thank y'all for going out and buying Sol-Angel & The Martin Luther King Blvd Nightmares [I see you FRESH -LCP]. I've been told it has done okay... I'm just happy that Billboard RETURNS my calls. The album is planned to outsell Miss Kelly, HOPEFULLY!
 Get it now?

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