Weekend Fuckery

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This weekend the mini-pimp has no plans. Don't nobody wanna chill witcha boy because I'm "beefing" with Beyonceitis... not really... they just some lying ass, hating ass, faking ass peoples. I got that lying ass, hating ass, faking ass line from Flavor of Love season two. That was my show for a minute.

But I digress.

The pimp still ain't tripping. Shank missing but I'm gon' make it through the fire. I'ma just go to Bobby Buford's BBQ & Gun Range and buy some heavy metal for that ass.

Again, I digress.

My real point is the girl S A V V Y sat a pimp down and gave 'em tough love over a rib plate dinner at Bobby Buford's BBQ & Gun Range and over some dessert at Satlina's Ice Cream Stand. We pigged out and she chewed the boy out. Literally, she bit me... I was dripping neopolatin on my shirt and she went in for the nipple. She told me just do like she do "when gum bumpin', concrete stompin' fake as dildo hoes be on her tip..." [her words, not mine] She never finished the lecture because I refused to buy her another ice cream cone and she hailed a cab and hightailed it.

So I'ma do what she do... and since she ASKING HER FANS for a lil' Q & A or T & A or whatever... I'ma give y'all the pimpurtunity to get to know ya boy Iceberg July a lil' mo better. Ask me anything. Any question you want. I'ma answer it... just as long as it's not something that'll getcho' ass shot.

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