Blacklisted: Latarian "Big Ton" Milton

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My cyber-homie SCOOP texted me talmbout some "Latarian Milton Big Ton was seen HOO-RIDING with Bobby Brown."

I couldn't believe it.

In the words of my Granny:

"Hell the fuck nah! Ain't that 'bout a bitch and then some!"
All I gotta say to Big Ton is we ain't friends no mo'. You seemed cool at first, y'know... 'cause you was into grand theft auto (I'm not talking 'bout the game) and granny-beating... But banging with Bobby? You must be constipated and want him to pull some dookie-logs up out ya.

I don't care. Whatever the case is... you can't roll with me no more homie. I can't have Zahara in that kind of environment.

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