Old School Fridays

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A few of the bloggers from 'round the way have been criticizing your boy. Talmbout, "Juelz, why you always hatin' on folks? You ain't even old 'nuff to know half the folks you blog about."

I'm here to tell them what I lack in age/experience, I more than make up for in my kick-ass appeal to the masses and my ability to YouTube and Google folks.

But I seriously need to prove those popping hopping skip skopping laffy taffy heffas wrong... so I joined the ranks of "Old School Fridays"

This weeks theme:

Best Guitar/Bass Solo

My pick:

Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe Tienerklanken

I'm up on my Hendrix. And for those looking for that purple haze, see me outside in the parking lot after the school bell rings.

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