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I ain't saying I wouldn't trust y'all with this year's presidential election but I wouldn't trust y'all with this year's presidential election.

Just when I think I was gonna git to grill Noxema Jackson (if ya nasty) for not paying taxes for three years, a surprise come-from-behind-win gives Llama the GoSatchoAssDown Award.

I asked:

Who Really Needs A GoSatchoAssDown Award?

You said:

A. Angelica Knowles (for running her mouth) - 24% (44 votes)
B. Robin Antin (for "Girlicious") - 16% 31 (votes)

C. Lil' Mama (for video after video and still no album) - 30% (55 votes)
Wesley Snipes Celeb Friends (for endorsing his "I won't pay my taxes" behavior) - 28% (53 votes)

I won't even dig Llama a new one because her L.I.F.E. video speaks some realness. I mean it ain't HEAVY VEE, but still she did a'ight. The morning hair weave at the kitchen table KILT me, though. But I will go easy on her because I just found out she lost her mom last year.


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