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Every now and then you gotta look back in that closet pull out you gym shoes and run like hell.

Yep. They done called the peoples on me!

Joking (hopefully)! I'm taking a few days off in hopes that the heat cools down because I think a certain group of people are up to "no-good" and in efforts to keep my freedom I gotta lay low for a few days. Can't say nothing too specific because I'm not trying to [sarcasm]"confess"[/sarcasm] to any wrong-doings, but I will say this. It's just comedy. Almost nothing I say "in-character" is true. To any and all newcomers and people that take shit too seriously, please pay attention to the new disclaimer to the left marked "Attention". I gotta cover my ass, somehow.

Long story short... don't expect a post for this week. MAYBE, I can swing by with some less than "characterally-involved" material for a day or two but don't hold me to that. I'm seriously in deep, hot shit.

And in efforts to keep things going hard and hoping that I can stay afloat I gotta make some changes 'round here. First change... NAME. And I'd like for y'all to help me with that.

Introducing... the "Name Fake Baby Daniel" contest!

In efforts to switch my style up I need a new name. Not just any name, though. I need a name that pertains to a certain individual that this blog is modeled after BUT NOT BASED ON! (All fiction here, people.) Info on it below:


1. Must have some damn sense. I don't need ignant-negros sending me mess like "Creole Nigga" or "Shank The Midget". Leave all that dumb mess on VH1.

2. Must provide a new, innovative name. Don't send in "Fake Baby Daniel". That shit got me in trouble, already. Please think. I don't want nothing plain, neither. If I wanted something plain I'd listen to The Undesirables. Please don't send me something that's been floating around the media (blogs, Internet sites, forums, TV, newspaper etc.) unless it's the bee's knees.

3. The name can be derived from Fake Baby Daniel's moniker with different spellings (i.e. Paris Hilton into Perez Hilton, Nicole Richie into Necole Bitchie).

4. The name can be a play on words. (i.e. Florida into Flo-Rida because he's from the state of Florida but he's taking about his lyrical ability or his tendency to "ride the flow"; I'm gonna hate myself for endorsing that nigga just then)

5. It's always a best if it's a geniuley hilarious name. Don't be afraid to be corny. Sometimes corny is funny. SOMETIMES!

6. Send all entries to the comment section of this post. DON'T POST AS "ANONYMOUS" because I will gladly disqualify you and get QUICK to send you a 8 x 10 of Amy Winehouse taking shots and holding babies.

Ready... GO!

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