Where Props Are Due

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Every now and then, I gotta step outta character and put y'all up on game...

Guess who's back?


And she is killing y'all hoes something proper. After a few days absent from the imitator-blog scene, I figured that something in the Similac wasn't no parts of fresh, but BAM... all this time she been guarding the future First Lady.

Gone girl... Getcho' Purple Heart and yo' honorary cabinet seat as "HBIC Of The Interior"! Gotta love it.

Bit of advice to my readership... before you click the link prepare to be slayed... especially by this part.

Once a week, we airlift some Harold's Chicken Shack wings and Lem's BBQ center cut slabs in from Chicago for her on my fractional ownership FlexJet. One time we picked up some chitlins and oxtails from Moo n Oink and Cissy cooked them up and Michelle like to shouted.


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