Is You For Serious?

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Okay... this story is SO crazy...

According to my homie COCOABELLA:

Prosecution's testimonies were suspended in light of this new addition to the trial.The man's name is Damon Pryor, and he is expected to completely discredit the prosecution's star witness' testimony. He is set to claim that it is in fact himself who is in the video-- not Kelly, and that he often posed as R. Kelly in order to sleep with young girls.

Ion't believe it one bit.

Some random nigrum is just gon' come out with it after about six years and go I'm guilty.

And at such a convenient time. Not the first... Not the second... But the third time the trial has been brought to court, this man finally drudged up enough courage to turn himself in?


R. Kelly ain't got that much money to make me do no nigorant shit like this.

Hopefully the jury got they side-eye game on smash. Because every word this nigrum spouts, I'd be looking at him like:

Something in the Similac refuses to let me believe a word you say, buddy.

Let him keep saying dumb shit and lying for that negro.

Crank that distinguished "you need to quit" side-eye.

Let the defense get all friendly with any young girls in the court room trying coax them onto R. Kelly's team. Crank that SEOD!

And if that don't work... I just gotta pull out this.


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