Random Rant

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FRESH, you know I'm camera shy!

So I'm doing my thug-dizzle... chillaxin' and watching a few games and the 'razzi was all in my grill. But I'm a boss so I stay representing for my team, y'know.

Thoughts scrolling through my head while posing for the cameras:

  • "What the eff am I throwing up?"
  • "Why am I sitting in DONALD FAISON'S lap?"
  • "Why am I sitting in Lil' Flip's lap?"
  • "When did Flip cut his braids off?"
  • "Why ol' boy got his arm 'round ol' dude?"
  • "Get that finger out my face. I don't know where yo' hands been!"
  • "Is this a window lickers convention 'cause these two niggas look certified?"
  • "I bet not see Big Ton in here."
  • "It's so mighty funny these nigrums taking me to sporting events, but WHERE MY DADDY AT?"

Excersizing my trigger finger

EDIT: It seems that I was with my Daddy after all. I probably ain't recognize 'em 'cause Ion't really chill with him like I used to. My hustle is my hustle and the hustle ain't got time for family.

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