Fuckery Enthusiasts Unite!

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Eff them Knowles peoples. I shall overcome.

The "Name Fake Baby Daniel" contest is hereby over because I was really slayed by the time I read the following:

danYe West by Brandon

The Crayon Crypt by Michelle (side-eye to Millie for sending in entries)

Rumpelpimpskin by Bex-N-Effect

Dannibal Lector by Bex-N-Effect

Auntie is a Camel Jockey by Mandy

Children of the Cornrows by Bex-N-Effect (I don't know who you is but we gotta talk about a possible partnership)

And honorable mention goes to Drewfizzle for having a "No Mouth Breevers" avatar along with the "Shanktastical" entry.


I honestly cannot pick a clear winner so I'ma use all of these from time to time but I will no longer credit myself as Baby Daniel and I discourage being called Baby Daniel by others. I am clearly not Baby Daniel. He's more intelligent and better at typing than me. Damn toddler know his homerow keys and I'm still over her pecking with my fingers. My official new name is the name that I've always went by: Lil' Creole Pimp. Peep the username [who the post was written by].

Hats off to all the entries though. I loved the fact that y'all participated.

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