As I Reflect

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My momma may have not been a gem to the music world and she blurts out random shit like, "I sound high don't I... I promise I'm not high," on the regular, but she still a good momma. If there was a such thing as being a professional momma, then she'd be the Beyoncé of that field.

As I reflect on my momma's mishaps and achievements, I'm proud to be her son and in hopes of a more successful future, I salute you, Mom.

I salute you... for keeping your mouth closed (and not telling the world how I "accidentally" burned the neighbor's house down and not telling nobody about the time I pistol whipped Millie for stealing my ice-cream money) in this interview.

But I do NOT salute you for this kitchen ass wedding photo.

Kichen Ass Wedding Photo

I know y'all gave Kizzy the week off from Wig Crypt duties and all, but damn. Beaver nut hair wig scheme just didn't mesh well with the pink. And that's the nicest way I can say it.


I'm surprised this chick ain't tryna tell the world about the sweatshop profits that the wig crypt is turning. Oops, said too much.

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