Okay... Send In The Clowns

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So it's come to my attention that SOME people find this site offensive. Oh well. Shoulder shrug. Some people find cursing offensive but still use the Lord's name in vain. Hyprocrites are having the best week ever and throwing shade on me for writing a blog.

Time to get serious.

Some people are thinking Solange runs this site and is pimping her son (Matty Knowles-style). Of course Solange isn't running this site. Kelly Rowland is behind this whole charade. She uses her lunch breaks from the Wig Crypt and hides in the Freakum Dress closet with Jay-Z's iMac notebook and blogs her ass off.

KIDDING!!! Of course it's Solange who's behind all of this. She's the same person making fun of EVERYTHING she does. Every Solange related posts has made a mockery of Solange's musical ventures. Of course it's Solange. Who else would do that?

For those thinking Solange is pimping Baby Daniel, peep the disclaimer.

Now some other people think it's just ungodly for someone to call a 3-year old a pimp. Sorry... but I wasn't the first to call Daniel a pimp. The media gave him the nickname "Lil' Creole Pimp"... Sue the shit outta me for being a follower. I'm not a snitch but if I were, I'd blame FRESH. She literally e-held a gun to my head and said, "Ay, bitch. Stop calling him Daniel. It's Lil' Creole Pimp, ho. You better recognize!" Some people. SMDH.

I'm not portraying him as a pimp. I'm portraying him as a ho. I'm hoing his name up and down the Internet. And he don't bring me no money. I should fire his ho ass. Ain't doing me no good. I'm STILL just as broke as I was when I started doing this thing a month ago. No wait... I'm not pimping him. He's pimping me. Think about it. I won't even explain it. Just wrap that around your head until you catch a migraine.

I understand the moniker "pimp" represents a very negative individual but I'm not displaying it on this site. In fact only ONE post on this site displayed Baby Daniel doing any type of pimping. And it was grade A pimping to match all that grade A fuckery.

And last but not least... people they're just jokes. Until the day Matthew Knowles twists his yaki mustache and writes a cease-and-desist and delivers it via airmail, I'm continuing the shenanigans. Like or love it. 'Cause if you like it then I love it.

For all the people who are too pissy, sensitive, conservative, tenderheaded, weak-stomached, pussy, bitch-made, scary, slew-footed, knock-kneed, pigeon-toed, bowlegged, and/or just plain stupid please refer to the disclaimer. Afterwards, stop coming here. If it fucks yo' nerves over so much petition Matthew Knowles. Hell, petition Tina Knowles... she'll put a spell on me like no other.

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