God Sees Through This BS

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Still frantically running 'round fondling yo' nuts over famous people getting married? I got the remedy. Ready?

Inmate #MOTO31298412 Foxy Brown was seen showing the fuck off today. She brought the 'razzi into the church to catch her "getting right with God". The only time a camera is s'posed to be in the church is:

1. To film a wedding.
2. To film the Easter Sunday play.
3. To film the Sunday School's re-enactment of The Nativity.

If she doesn't catch a lightning bolt in the ass for this fake fuckery then they can come take away my ghetto pass.

I DO NOT co-sign this fuckery because I don't believe she's truly getting right with God. Many ex-cons/criminals/Blackberry chunkers/etc. get outta jail and find religion just to keep living like heathens. I say give it a month or two and you won't see her near a church or one of those little green Bibles for that matter.


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