Full Clip: Heavy Vee - "I Don't Need A Hook"

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I will NOT allow this video to kill me nor steal my soul. I hereby turn in my life card. My soul has no will to go on. I leave my juiceboxes in the 'fridge to Kizzy. Therefore, she'll never go thirsty. I leave my baby booties to Jamie Lynn Spears. Take care of Lil' Romeo's son. I leave my Tickle Me Elmo to Zahara. I am gone but not forgotten.

Heavy Vee has stoled my life from me.

But before I temporarily pass, I got disect this video. For ONCE, a thug can bump something that a female made. Take notes, Kiha, momma, Tee-Tee, Kizzy and especially you Mya! But I can't co-sign to purpose defeatingness of this song. Exclaiming "I don't need a hook" for eight bars is a hook, genius. I can't hate though. The wig game is sick. Kizzy must be slipping you some of that good shit from the Wig Crypt. And I will say this, you had a WAY bigger budget than Raz-B had.

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