You Must Wanna Get Blacklisted

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I carry my Baby Jamz root box around for people like you, Fake Janice Combs. My granny told me to tell you, "You think you nickel slick, but she got yo' penny change."

House Of Dereon is coming for Sean John. And we shall triumph. We always do. Ask Cassie. Ask Cheri Dennis. Ask Faith Evans. Shit, you can find 'em all in the same place. Kroger's on Wednesday's during the day shift.

And you threatening me? I'll be waiting for that day to happen with this expression on my face:

And peep the title of the post. How come you a quarter century older than Lil' Mama (Moses if ya nasty) and still a-scared to cuss.

You know I got love for you, Fake Miss Combs. That thug love.


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