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At times, I ponder as to what my readers and fellow creole pimps and pimpettes think and feel. I'm the type of person that'll hear you out, put some time aside to ask how you feel about certain hot button topics that trouble everyday creole pimp's life. I appreciate y'all giving me some feedback via reading, choosing and clicking.


Which can you most relate to?

A. Shaking the person that skips you in the checkout line at Wal-Mart? 24 Votes (58%)
B. Pimping out your Schwinn tricycle? 5 Votes (12%)
C. Brushing wigs for a living? 2 Votes (4%)
D. Killing hoes softly with your tang game? 10 Votes (24%)

With 41 votes, we had a nice turnout this time around. I was a bit surprised to see the number of people killing hoes softly with tang game-like qualites. Even more surprised that I have a stronger "Ne-Yoish" following. I ain't hating though. Get it how you live. If you'd rather listen to "PUNK OF THE SOUTH" over "LIL' BOOSIE" then do you. But I'ma be over here still yellin', "DUSTY FEET PLEASE DON'T BOTHER ME"?

But I digress.

Choice A won and I'm not surprised. Me, myself and my shank hate when my momma be in line at the self-checkout lane and I'm in sitting in the buggy and some lame skips us. It irks the shit outta me. I be wanting to grab a Heely skate shoe and knock a nigga nose off.

How 'bout you?

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