Half Clip: Usher "Love In This Club"

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The Bust It Baby FRESH linked the new sneak peek of Usher's new video for her comments crew today. And you know I had to give my lil' two cents on it, ya dig. So when I got home from Buttons, Bows & Barrettes First Baptist Creole Daycare & Worship House I had to link it for the few loyal viewers that I have.

The video features my soon-to-be new chick Keri Hilson (look at the gams on that chick) as U's love interest. You can find the two canoodling here and there but just before they get down to the nitty titty, I mean nitty gritty...he breaks into dance. TANGMASTER!

The only exciting bit about this vid is his husband, wife, handler, master or whatever the fuck you wanna call TaMANeka wants to bust Keri's head with a plywood 2 by 4 with barb wire on the end for getting too frisky with Ush. But now that I see it I don't know what the fuck she is so worry 'bout. This shit 'mind me off U Remind Me with a touch of Yeah and a dash of Caught Up. Same video, different year. He didn't hook up with none of them broads (Chili's not a broad, she's a goddess). But that don't mean I watch Usher's fuckery. My ex-chick Sy'Rai (Brandy "Put The Pedal To The Metal)" Norwood's daughter for the late ones) is a big Usher fan and I had to sit through many sessions of "let's listen to Burn while with my momma while we fold laundry"... That's why I had to quit her.

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