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Every now and again I gotta step out of character to say a lil' something-something.

  • I like giving y'all at least one post a day and when I can't I feel bad about it. And I know I try to uphold the "blog all week long" thing that other blogs don't do, but tomorrow I'm a be busy. What will I be doing? Sleeping? Clubbing? Laid up with my "dealer" [as Fresh calls 'em]? Maybe. Maybe not. I'll never tell! In other words, there's a GREAT possibility that there will be no weekend posts. I'll try my best to hit y'all up on Sunday but I'm almost sure that I'll be ripping and running tomorrow [Saturday].
  • I appreciate everybody giving me praise for the site. I just posted my 50TH POST and I never thought I'd even still be doing this blog past post ten. Hopefully, you'll still read and laugh and the jokes don't get repitive and stupid. Don't hate, playa. Being comedic ain't easy.
Now that that's taken care of, I've gotta go take care o' sum busines.

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