Random Rant

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So it's been sorta slow around these parts lately. Wig crypt's production is down 32%. Kizzy broke her hip while changing a light bulb. No offense but how hard is it to balance on your pinky toe while standing on the back of a chair that's hanging of a handrail with one hand in the air? I coulda did it with no problems! Also the Black entertainment world hasn't been so fuckery-dipped lately either.

So without further adieu, I introduce to you my very own Random Rants.

My Ten Most Random Thoughts For The Day

1. "I hope Granny makes hot tamales w/ pig knee sauce for supper today. I got a craving like no other."

2. "Remember to burn the bootleg version of The Carter III for Brooklyn Beckham."

3. "My dougie/My dougie/My dougie/My dougie/My dougie/My dougie/My dougie/She say she like my dougie"

4. "Buy Tee-Tee a Popeye's scented car air freshner shaped like a drumstick."

5. "Bitch, I stole yo' crayons!"

6. "Whycome Malcom & Eddie got cancelled? [sarcasm]Best show ever!!![/sarcasm]"

7. "Who is Teairra Mari fucking for tracks?"

8. "I should get my own studio. I could REALLY pimp if I get into the fucking-for-tracks business"

9. "Where the fuck is my pacifier?"

10. "Whose child was Amy Crackhouse holding? Who is silly enough to give her their child?"

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